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Individual Therapy

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Individual therapy is used to improve overall general sense of wellbeing and resolve personal or relationship problems from the individual’s perspective. Some clients seek out individual therapy as it provides more individual attention and addresses any potential privacy concerns. Together we can identify what might be getting in the way of you having the life or relationship that you desire but cannot currently achieve.
Areas of focus:
  • Finding relief from depression, anxiety, and past hurts Learning how to reduce and cope with stress
  • Unpacking family of origin issues
  • Cultivating positive self-worth and self-acceptance  
  • Managing life transitions, such as going to college, relocating, changing jobs, getting married, deciding to have children, and separation/ divorce
  • Career and professional development
We often feel unhappy with our current situation or unsure about how to get to the next step in our lives. I strive to meet you where you are at in each and every session, while helping you find direction and move forward. I am straightforward as well as supportive and empathetic in an effort to help you see yourself in a different way. This will enable you to make the changes in yourself and your life to achieve your desired outcomes.
Therapy Area
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Couples Therapy

Couples therapy helps you and your partner express your relationship needs, worries, or conflicts. Many couples’ issues are rooted in poor communication or strained connection, which often leads to marital conflict, sexual issues, infidelity or emotional withdrawal. Therapy helps to restore open communication and to recognize and release the negative emotions that are getting in the way of your relationship.
  • Are you struggling to communicate effectively with your partner?
  • Are you feeling distant or avoiding each other?
  • Do you feel like roommates? Is the affection missing?
  • Do you feel like you’re walking on eggshells or tired of having the same fight?
  • Have you contemplated divorce or splitting up but aren’t sure whether to stay or go?
  • Has an emotional or physical affair affected the trust in the relationship?
  • Are you needing to work on your sexual connection?
Couples counseling can help you break the cycle, find common ground, and renew your relationship. I enjoy partnering with clients to overcome uncertainty and ambivalence in their relationships and break free from destructive self-doubts and negative interactions. In couples therapy we will work together to help each partner feel better understood, strengthen the respect you have for one another, learn to communicate more effectively and identify each partner’s needs. You will learn how to effectively reduce judgement and defensiveness from your conversations and compromise around difficult issues. We will work to restore fun and passion into your everyday lives, build new rituals of connection, and create an ongoing culture of appreciation, fondness, and respect in your relationship. Together, we will assess the relationship past and present to gain new understandings and develop a path for moving forward. I understand how meaningful, yet challenging, relationships can be. I also know couples can overcome obstacles and turn their differences into opportunities for growth and connection if they're willing to work for it.

                         Graduate of The Developmental Model of Couples Therapy Training under Ellyn Bader Ph.D. at The Couples Institute.
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Not Sure If  Your Relationship Can Work?

I work with a lot of couples who haven’t been able to communicate effectively for years. Frankly, not every relationship can be repaired and what you may need right now is clarity about what to do next. This is especially true if there are children involved. You need a therapist who can help you navigate your specific issues in a way that will give you some relief.


Feeling comfortable is so important when pursuing treatment and I
believe that the environment an office creates sets the tone for how a
client feels in therapy. I take pride in providing a space that is nice and relaxing to meet your therapeutic needs. My office has a private entrance and waiting room. Clients exiting their session have a separate hallway to exit to ensure your privacy and confidentially.

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