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I’m Michelle Bartlow. I’m a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor. I have been practicing since 1999 and have many years of experience working with individuals and couples. I was born in Quincy and have lived here for the majority of my life. I have been married to my husband, Eric, for 25 years. We have two children (well, adults at this point). Our oldest son lives in Michigan (Go Spartans!) and our youngest still lives at home. We have 2 cats, an elderly yet faithful dog, and a turtle (don’t ask).

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About Me

I started my career at an agency in Quincy and then opened my private practice in 2009. My office is centrally located in Quincy and provides a private setting. I have a separate waiting room and exit to reduce the likelihood of folks running into each other. Living in a small town we inevitably cross paths with people we know. My goal is to limit that possibility to better protect your privacy. My space has an updated, cozy feel that my clients appreciate. Coffee and water are always available.I will provide you with a charging cable if your phone battery is low ☺.

I am down-to-earth, laid-back, funny, and sincere. No stuffy intellectual types here! I often like to lighten the mood with my dry sense of humor (when applicable). I am open to feedback as well. If I am not meeting your therapy needs or expectations; please let me know so we can have an open conversation about it and make the changes necessary so you get the most of your therapy.

I believe that each one of us can be fulfilled in our lives. If you are ready to explore what is getting in your way and figure out what to do next; then give me a call at 217-223-4673 or email me at I would be more than happy to talk or correspond via email prior to making an appointment to answer any questions.